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Professional services done around your schedule to meet your needs.

If you are like most people, landscape maintenance is just not what you do.  Your free time is valuable and you should enjoy it. Plus if you do-it-yourself there is all the equipment to buy and maintain and the learning curve of proper care for your lawn, trees and shrubs. 

We are expert in landscaping projects and landscape maintenance and are happy to take good care of your private or commercial property for you. 

Here's a brief elaboration on each service:

Landscape Maintenance - This includes regular scheduled visits as needed to properly maintain your landscape and if you want, your irrigation system as well.

Palm Tree Trimming - As needed we will correctly trim your palm trees and haul away the prawns at no additional charge. Ficus and other types of trees may require special lift equipment if a tree topping is what is you have in mind.

Clean Ups - Some properties have been neglected for a while and need more than just maintenance. They need an intensive clean up requiring a larger crew and sometimes multiple trips to the landfill to dispose of the debris. We are happy to quote these kind of jobs and you will find that we are very competitive.

Tree and Stump Removal - If you have downed trees from a storm that you want uprighted and restaked or removed entirely, we are happy to be of service. Or if you simply have a tree stump that is just in the way, we can remove it for you. Some tree removals and stump removals may require additional equipment and therefore quotes are on a case-by-case basis.

Weed Abatement - Whether you have weeds out-of-control, or desire the application of pre-emergent before they are out-of-control, we can help.

Seasonal Changeover - In Arizona there are two lawn seasons, summer and winter. In the summer a Bermuda lawn is desired and in the winter a Rye lawn. We do this routinely for our clients and are happy to do this for you to keep you property looking beautiful all year round.

Irrigation - Watering systems are vitally important in the desert southwest as summer heat and general dry conditions can quickly drought strain landscape and end up being costly. If we are doing your landscape maintenance we can periodically check your system and adjust it seasonally. We can install, expand and repair most any drip irrigation and lawn watering system.

Low Voltage Lighting - You buy the system, we install it. If existing properly grounded outdoor electrical outlets to plug in your new low voltage light system are not available, then we can arrange to have our journeyman electrician do a safe affordable professional installation for you.

Walls and Masonry - Walls coming down, going up, moved, stucco applied to become more esthetically pleasing, repaired or whatever you need, we are happy to mobilize our masons for you.

Pavers - Expand a driveway, create a new walking path, foundation for a hot tub, whatever the application, you provide the pavers, we provide the labor. Note that a proper foundation is recommended for driveways, driveway expansion and hot tubs. We will coordinate with your concrete contractor or make arrangements for a concrete contractor as needed upon your request.

Gravel - If you want to remove a lawn and go to a gravel Xeriscape, we are your team. If you want to remove old rock and or spread new, you pick your gravel or decorative rock and arrange delivery and we can provide the labor to get it done! 

BBQs and more - Even prefab BBQs may require installation including electrical and plumbing runs. Whether built-in-place or prefab, we are happy to supply the labor for your new BBQ or outdoor fireplace.

If you have a special outdoor project not mentioned here, please give us a call and even if we don't provide that service chances are we can assist you with a good affordable reputable referral.



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